Why your business needs a website

10 Ultimate Reasons why your Business needs a Website

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Did you know that 64% of businesses in the United States have a website? [1] Your business needs a well-functional, easily accessible webiste providing great user experience and brand activation, to be able to compete in today´s comeptitive market.

Do you own a business without a website? Are you considering to start your own business? We give you the 10 ultimate reasons to create one, and important aspects to keep in mind when building and managing your business´ online strategy.

1. Expand your Market and Client Base

Widen your audience, and reach new local, or even global, markets. Your client base is the key to success, and will be your future customers and growth driver. A worldwide acessible website instantly expands your geographic markets, market segments, competitive potential, client base and business opportunities. Any type of business, from Restaurants to local second-hand Fashion store, will benefit instantly from their online presence.

2. Easy Interaction with Potential Customers

“Your website is the ideal channel to be accessible for your potential customers

Clients might not yet know about your business, solutions and pricing. It is therefore highly important to create ways for your new clients to search for relevant information, ask any questions and take away any doubts they might have. A website is the perfect platform to integrate solutions such as contact forms, live chat or inform the interested customer about your email, phone number or physicial address. All these solutions create the ability to interact with your customers in a two-way fashion using multi-channel tools in an easy-to-manage centralized platform.

3. Add Credibility to your Brand and Company

Share your business´ story, mission and vision for the future. The customers will become part of your growth and your business an integral part of their success. A website allows your business to share its story the way it maximizes customer engagement, trust and likeability, all ingredients to conversion , lead generation and long-term clients wins.

In today´s competitve market, your business success all stands with credibility, brand activation and customer experience. Your business needs to guarantee its credibility to potential clients in order to be able to capture them. Tell them about your history, your past projects, and reasons why you the clients needs you, over other competitors. Provide your customers with social proof.

According the most recent studies, 70-80% of people research a business online before approaching the business or make a purchase.

4. Discover new market segments

Your website, combined with customer feedback and the right analytical tools, will empower you to discover new market segments, niche opportunities and complementary services to offer to your clients. The world wide web is the ideal place discover what your competitors are up to, and what your clients are looking for.

Learn from your clients, and integrate your website with analytical tools, such as Google Analytics, to analyse valuable data on keyword searches, client intent, and client behaviour.

5. Showcase your products and services

Selling your products and services to clients requires the market to know what your business is offering, what makes you stand out from competitors, and who your target market is. Clients will know what to expect, and instantly discover if your solutions are suiting their needs. Moreover, your website allows to convince any doubting potential customers that you are the company to resolve their issues, or have the right product to offer.

Furthermore, displaying your products and services allows for cross-selling opportunities and integrated project sales. Make clients feel comfortable that you are offering turnkey and holistic solutions, and understand that such confidence give you an edge over competitors, and a premium on pricing.

6. Share your portfolio and client base

Success stories, accomplisments, positive feedback and top-notch clients all enhace the social proof of your business, products and services. Social proof is key to convincing potential clients, increase your competitive position, and provide the reasons visitors need to become your future clients.

The control and management over your website allows for selective content creation that enhances your reputation, and display all those positive testimonials. Social proof is more important than ever in today´s digital world.

7. Start selling online

As your website gains a more centralized role in your business´ strategy and lead generation, upgrade your website to allow instant purchases, orders, appointments or booking. Provide your clients with an easy online shopping experience, and create a completely new sales channel. Global retail ecommerce sales reached 4 Trillion USD in 2020, and is expected to keep growing substantially the coming years and +20% growth rates.

DBM Digital has extensive experience in building ecommerce online stores, and provides clients with turnkey solutions to be competitive in today´s markets.

Discover our E-commerce solutions here

8. The most powerful Marketing Tool

A website is the centralized platform of any marketing strategy. A business´ website allows for effective lead generation, online sales, accessible customer support, and wide brand activation. All other marketing tools will be build upon your website, including social media networks. digital and offline marketing.

9. Improve your Customer Service

Returning sales and positive reviews start with great after-service care and improved follow-up accessibility to your existing clients. A website creates multi-channel integration opportunities that allows your clients to share their feedback, product experience and ask for assistence. A well-organized, efficient and centralized customer service will save your business a lot of money, time, negative feedback and operational efficiency.

10. Share Updates with your Clients

In order to guarantee long time business success, it is important to let your clients stay up to date with your business and operations. Any new solutions, portfolio additions or business sucesses should be shared with your customers. Let them know you are working daily to grow your business and let your customers be part of it. News can be easily shared through a simple news articles or blog post on your website, and subsequentely be shared through your social media channels.

DBM Digital assists its client daily to increase sales and online presence by building market-leading websites and online stores. Find more about our website pricing here.


DBM Digital fully develops the Website for your Business, Portfolio or Conference.


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